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Wanklyn, Paul
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Main AddressWheatpieces Community Centre
 Columbine Road
 Walton Cardiff
Town / CityTewkesbury
PostcodeGL20 7SP
Tel07722584919 / 07715808717
About White Tiger TKD & Self Defence

White Tiger TKD:

At White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do, our aim is to provide Martial Arts and Self Defence training that encourages personal growth and development for every student with a high standard of tuition geared at his or her own pace.
White Tiger prides itself on upholding and maintaining standards of excellence that, inspire students of all ages from 7 upwards to see beyond their current potential and reach new levels of personal success and fitness. By setting goals that are achievable, White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do will help the student to build character, improve self confidence and self esteem. White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do will champion the student to grow personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually.
White Tiger, will instil traditional Tae Kwon-Do values of respect, discipline, honour, loyalty, family values, and courage, building leadership skills that will enable the student to become socially accountable.
White Tiger Tae Kwon-Do aims to provide an environment that supports the growth of each student on their Tae Kwon-Do journey toward Black Belt and beyond, teaching the code of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit

Tiger Cubs:

A fun Martial Arts syllabus specifically designed for children between 4 - 7 yrs of age. Children learn through play, have fun, and gain life skills. White Tiger also offer this learning experience to children every Saturday from 11:45 - 12:30 hrs at their centre. Parents are encouraged to stay so that they can also share their childs learning experience and watch their development.


White Tiger TKD has teamed up with SPORTED and the Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner in order to offer those "At Risk" young people between the ages of 13 and 25 the opportunity to learn and train in Tae Kwon-Do based Martial arts and self protection.
The Friday night diversionary project “TACT” is aimed at bringing positive experiences to young people who may otherwise roam the streets with nothing else being offered to them. Every community would like to see a reduction in anti-social behaviour which in turn, will make those communities a safer more enjoyable place to live and play.
Young people will not only be able to learn new skills and train with innovative training equipment, once competent, they will also be able to enter competitions in order to put their new found skills to the test. Once participants continue through their training, they will have the opportunity to become integrated into the main White Tiger TKD club. Participants will also have the benefit of being trained by guest instructors from time to time in order to add more experience to their routines.
Advice on Employment matters, health and welfare will also be on hand.
All participants will be licenced through the British Taekwondo Council and thanks to SPORTED and Gloucestershire PCC, these fees are provided. Participants pay just £1.50 per session.

192 High Street, (1st Floor), West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7BE, United Kingdom   Follow us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter
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